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"She may have left because she needed time to herself. Based on what I have heard your little group has had quite the hard time. And I will not pass judgment on her so I will not say anything about her possible emotional unstability."

"Thats easy for you to say..." Cade replied, and stood up from the bed. "You dont know her like we do. She has done many crazy things in the past. One time I remember she abandoned us for her idiot of an ex-boyfriend and her old abusive circus ring leader she used to work for. The consequences were quite devasating; for all of us. But that chapter has been put behind us."

"You know it's possible she left to combat this new threat by herself to protect you and the others. And if that is the case then you and your group will need to find her before the sith do."

"Perhaps... But we'll see." Cade said gruffly. He watched as the masked Jedi was about to leave the room, but paused and looked back at him.

Just so you know, my name is Atrila."

He smiled. "Cade..." he pointed to himself. "Nice to meet you."

After Atrilla left the room, Cade wondered around. Eventually, he left the room and made his way back down to the hanger where his ship was still parked. He boarded the ramp. Nale was already waiting for him in the Center Lounge/Security Room, leaning against the Holographic projector platform.

"We're going after Lyna?" Nale asked.

"Nope. We're going after Rawks shuttle, to get it back. For a very good reason too..." he walked down the hallway. "Because on that shuttle is a cache of vital data Rawk needs decrypting. If we want a better chance at standing up against the Sith and Imperials, than that cache is very essential. Lets just pray to Ragnos that Dravin doesnt find it before we do..."
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