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Ok, I posted something similar in our TOR forums when "gay" was censored on the Bioware forums:

I take no offense to this at all.

Xbox Live's policy was this: No gay or religious user names or information in your profile. Blizzard also does this, and does not allow LGBT guilds to form ontop of that.

Alot of affirmative action people or whatever they want to call themselves always get up in arms about this sort of thing, but in these cases I agree with the companies.

Straight, bi, lesbian, gay, etc are all rooted in sexuality. In their Terms of Service, is states that names/profiles/conduct/etc that relates to sexuality will not be tolerated because of its mature connotations in a community with varying ages.

Blizzard does not allow it for the same reason, and guilds that form under the LGBT banner and so on are also closed, and members given warnings/bans. This is because it not only expresses sexual tones, but it promoted prejudice on who is allowed to join based on sexuality.

I don't need to know how straight you are in your name or profile, nor do I like seeing religious/political user names. And, with that, I think a lot of people would prefer not to have me run around with a sign on my chest, nor anyone else.

As Astor said, all this really does in the end is promote cyber bullying. People made a big deal out of these lesbians, bisexuals, and gays having their profiles changed or shut off but what most forgot to mention is that these profiles were also receiving death threats via private message. While I have almost no respect for the moderators since they banned the victims and not the ones sending death threats, I understand why they shut down the blatant target.

You go in with a name like "IwubObama", "jesushatesyou", or "gaypride4ev" or, hell, even put "I'm lesbian and proud!" in your profile... don't be surprised at all at the amount of trolling, death threats, mark downs, etc you'll be getting on the worst internet gaming community ever maintained.

It should of remained banned. Terrible decision on their part that will bite the users, and moderators, in the ***.

I give it less than a month before being pulled.

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