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It looks SO much like Fallout 3...

Watched my friend's brother play F3 today while skimming through their gaming magazines on the subject and it just gives me Bethesda flashbacks.

It looks... too much like Fallout 3. I know it has its style, but this honestly looks more like another DLC expansion pack instead of a full game. The dead stiff talking, dead and uninviting landscapes, quickly aging graphics, reusing a ton of models it looks like...

I hate Bethesda as a developer. Just throwing that out there. I respect their ability to make a large map to explore, but they are appalling programmers, animators, writers... everything. They are like a jack of all trades of bad with a single shining ace of map building.

I dunno, maybe since Oblivion is doing the writing and, hopefully, fixing the engine it may be more worth an investment than Fallout 3 was but these pics, at least, aren't making me hopeful. Me and my friends spent an hour yesterday just watching his brother utterly break the game engine over and over and over again and he was using the latest patch.
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