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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
It looks SO much like Fallout 3...
Well, let's see...

It's set in the same post-apocalyptic universe as Fallout 3.
It uses the same engine as Fallout 3.
It's an all-out spinoff that's meant as a psuedo-sequel to Fallout 3.

Yes yes, it may look like Fallout 3, and it does follow the same core gameplay as Fallout 3, but that doesn't mean that it's going to be constrained by all of the previous title's flaws. If any indication, F:NV will definitely stray away from some of the inadequacies of FO3, and will in many ways recycle concepts found in the first two Fallout games, which is most certainly welcome.
It looks... too much like Fallout 3. I know it has its style, but this honestly looks more like another DLC expansion pack instead of a full game. The dead stiff talking, dead and uninviting landscapes, quickly aging graphics, reusing a ton of models it looks like...
... it's a spin-off. Bethesda approached Obsidian to essentially create a sequel-of-sorts to Fallout 3, and if by any indication, it's going to receive similar treatment that KotOR 1 and Fallout 1 had: Not a massive overhaul, but a renovation and improvement of previous concepts.
I hate Bethesda as a developer. Just throwing that out there. I respect their ability to make a large map to explore, but they are appalling programmers, animators, writers... everything. They are like a jack of all trades of bad with a single shining ace of map building.
Agreed, but Bethesda isn't really developing New Vegas, sooo...
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