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Originally Posted by Gabez View Post
Wow... -31! That's got to be the North Pole, surely? Or the dark side of the moon?
It is well within the Arctic circle (aver. yearly temp. of −17 °C )...

Still even at my "usual" location (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) I don't know of anyone using hot water bottles... not only it would be very uncomfortable (and deadly) during wintertime but water pipes & al would also freeze.

Originally Posted by GTA:SWscity
That's the kind of cold that you could outside walk down the street fully clothed and you'd *still* feel naked.
Fortunately, it is a "dry" cold and if one is well dressed (no matter what some people say, nothing stops the cold as white goose down and sealskin mitts - crappy synthetic stuff feels like paper and the constant wind just gets through - ) the cold doesn't penetrate the clothing and it can be far more comfortable than at higher temps with humidity.

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I still have a lot of catching up to do to survive at those temps like polar bears do
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