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Originally Posted by Gabez View Post
GTA:SWcity: I wonder if a hot water bottle is good for the lungs? Because you can move it to wherver you want and keep it over your chest to keep it warm. Then again, what works for one person might not work for other people. Your story of sleeping rough sound horrific, but it made me think of how past experiences affect the way you sleep in later life. My dad didn't have heating as a child and (possibly) as a result of this he often sleeps with the window open, because he's become used to cold bedrooms. Or maybe he's just mad.
I'm sort of the same way. I can handle cold if it's inside air. Not always opening a window: Dry sharp outside air makes you prone to cutting sinus infection, wet air tends to exacerbate the temp. hot or cold.

The semi-asthma is mild to moderate. It comes back at any time regardless of weather unfortunately. Usually only attacks when I sleep.

However, due to this I am more weak in any case (asleep or awake) against fluid in the lungs be it drainage or pneumonia. I'm ok when the lungs are normal, but with fluid buildup, anything below 10F is crippling b/c I can't stop coughing.
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