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Yeah, just nice. Now instead of anonymity and privacy, people can now have a big target reticle painted on them. Watch, those wise to this aren't going to use the option.

I don't give a crap what you are or what you do in the bedroom, while I'm trying to concentrate on my game. No I don't care to "see your special data" either. I don't need to know that--all I need to know is "are you game?" and that's all.

Yeah, total expressionism at the cost of random people beating them down online via trolling as well as the static in real life. Oh yeah. That's just...such a smart idea.

Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
I hate to sound like a conspiracy guy, but isn't Microsoft in the process of rolling out some software for Live that takes into account how healthy you are based on what games you're playing and how long you're playing them? Wouldn't it be curious if Microsoft suddenly started to release "studies" on gamers demonstrating that people of certain sexual orientations are less mentally stable than others based on the fact that they played GTA4 all weekend?
I believe I have heard the same thing being murmured about as well. It would only be a matter of time before all devices are "snitchers" of some kind or another.

I wonder if those "system check" features in the software and hardware are going to include other things in the future. I mean checking for hax or tampering/modding, etc. is one thing but TBH it almost sounds like someone is getting a really nice check from the government when you consider "studies" that might be released.

The FDA send a couple police to your door. "Sir, you have been fined $4000.00 for playing too much of this type of video game and for being overweight/underweight for one year."

Wouldn't surprise me.
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