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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Yes. That's the reason why I posted; this has never been asked like this before, and I wondered if it was out of feedback or general curiosity. I know that it's the latter now, though, and that's all.
In defense of Darth Groovy:

It is the fact that:

Even IF I can't cut it out to be a cast member and a decent enough contributor, that there is no means where I should stay.

but this opinion is solely upon the viewer, which means you.

Altho, I have made myself apart of some of the Engineering part.

but the main issue of this thread is about the idea of wanting to invite others into the podcast, wither or not if even a 'once over' is "enough" in the terms of whom is invited. I mean, we can't just invite anyone, which leads me to this:
IE: "We", as in the main cast members (myself not included, considering that I at least consider myself in a state of 'probationary' status), need to make sure that if people whom are invited into the podcast can not only 'behave themselves' but also in general 'contribute' to the cast itself.

Now, on my own personal attributes on the topic, like I mentioned, I am expected to behave myself, and that goes for future guests. It can be anyone from the forums for all I know.
But at any rate I am new to this sort of thing, and yes, I have to admit by people not needed to be mentioned, had to remind me of making sure I kept myself in order. Otherwise my eccentric personality has been welcomed in the casts. Again, I am new to this thing.

However, in the next released podcast, I was allowed to rejoin because of this; It shouldn't be unknown to those whom know that true members of Aresen to be a bit nutty, but it is more than expected. Plus my natural technical knowledge, even I believe, can benefit the 'engineering' proportion of the production.

Not only that I was welcomed in a couple of bits where I was allowed to a bit of my own little 'voice acting', not to spoil it for the next cast, but however, as someone new and definitely not afraid of the tasks at hand (which was a bit of a requirement)

Consider me at the time being more of the same role that DeFrost Kelly had during the first season of Star Trek, he had an 'Introducing Role" and not a "Starring Role"

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