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Tyrannus watched the impatient girl storm away and sighed but not before he said, "My pretty and what do you suppose you are to do. This place is alive. You don't know if you will be aided or tormented."

"Stop babbling. She'll do what needs to be which is more than I can say for you," The Blood King replied. "Now we will destroy these Jedi and then attack the foolish Republic."

Tyrannus shook his head and issued orders, "Form divisions! Forward march!"

The troops began heading towards the grassy plains at the edge of the canyons.


Tonatius replied to Reyvan, "The Blood King is the one who led them against us. He dwells in the one who will bring him closer to his goal. Naga Sadow was one. The ancestor of Tyrannus. He chooses for there must always be one until he is made to see his path will lead nowhere." He then shrugged his shoulders, "Well that is what the legends say. Records have him written in throughout various points in history. Some written by the ancient Loremaster Petronius himself."

Jun-la and Andros were released and they saw Kalla engaging with Andurril. There was also the assassin she had seen before. she nodded to her father. They both took off towards them. All the while, Jun-la spoke in her mind, Andorra. Hold on. Kalla, trust in that which completes you.

Andorra, my sister's daughter. You are strong. Fight like those of your ancestors. Andros was also transmitting his thoughts.

They were then suddenly surrounded by Karaka's men. Jun-la readied to fight hoping it wouldn't come to her using her shou powers. She raised her fists in a basic combat stance and her father did the same.

Karaka emerged and laughed. "I told you we would meet again pretty one. Now you have no knight in shining armor to protect you."

in the next moment, they attacked.


Tavaryn looked into the canyon. All of a sudden Riyusaan appeared and said, "You don't have to go in for you are not being tested. They bear scars of memories past but yours are recent. You may follow but they will not speak to you." He then disappeared.

Matton replied, "Well he sure knows how to make an entrance. Look you all better follow. I've got a bad feeling about this and I know that there is a horde coming after them."

Tavaryn nodded. To the others he said, "Follow me," and took off at a startling speed unlike Force Speed.


The image of Alkea smiled and replied, "She is at rest and wishes you a long life for as long as you will take it. But now you must go. Remember Brother that you have revenge in your movements but don't let it take you."

In that moment, the sand cleared away revealing the various battles going on. The hordesmen were preventing Jun-la and Andros from reaching their goal.

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