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Well I might as well join the club lol.

I'll be reprising my character Tavaryn and Tonatius plus Jun-la and Matton.

Name: Tavaryn
Species: Avalonian
Orientation: Hetero
Homeworld: Unknown but has ties to Avalon
Affiliation: Shimigami
Weapons: A katana blade made of a rare meteorite alloy capable of withstanding lightsaber strikes; shuriken (ninja stars); lightsaber with a blue crystal.
DOB: Born six years after Order 66 issued
Description: His outfit is similar to that of Kun Lao from Mortal Kombat. Classic height at six feet. Hazel eyes, dirt blonde hair. Strongly muscled and capable of great flexibility and jumping.
Backstory: The youngest brother of Andros Starlighter, he is the last of the children born to the Jedi Ashira-Li Starlighter and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Born in a secret location during the years of terror for the Jedi, he moved around with his mother learning nothing of Jedi techniques but of the sentou abilities. He eventually did master some Jedi abilities but preferred to live in the anonymity of non-Jedi. He became a member of the Shimigami, the secret organization that were said to be the protectors of the Jedi Order. How or why that, it is not certain but Tavaryn firmly believes in protecting the Jedi Order from any threat of subterfuge. After the battle at Setna, he stuck around mainly for the benefit of Alriana in helping her understand this new world she was in. On occasion he takes off on a mission leaving few details. Knowing the nature of the Shimigami, no one dares to ask. He prefers fighting with his sword and hands and feet but will not hesitate to use the lightsaber he has carried since he was a youngling.

Name: Tonatius Iazoki
Species: Human/Avalonian
Orientation: Hetero
Weapons: double edged sword and chobos
Affiliation: Bushida warriors
Description: Dark hair of his father yet the blue-grey eyes of his mother. Olive tanned and sinewy but strong. Wears black pants and black turtleneck and a jacket with the top half a crimson red.
Backstory: The twin of Taryn and the son of Hethra and Almalexia, he followed Jun-la in the fight against the Blood King. After Andorra had been taken, he followed her with Kalla to Setna where he engaged in a showdown of the ancient powers learning he possessed and incredible amount of strength. It was at Setna that he admitted to his feelings for Kalla and after she tricked and destroyed Virul, kissed her. Now back on Coruscant, he carries out his duties for the Avalonian government, occasionally venturing to the temple to "train."

Name: Jun-la Starlighter
Species: Avalonian
Orientation: Hetero
DOB: (same age as Ben Skywalker would be)
Affiliation: Jedi
Description: She honors the face of her grandmother with dark brown hair and amber eyes. She does have blonde streaks in her hair as a result from her use of sentou combined with the Force. Wears a 3/4 sleeve top (white) the top stops at her midriff. Wears pants with knee high boots.
Backstory: Daughter of Andros Starlighter, she taught Greea and Komad's son to be a Jedi but left him at the temple when they left for Setna. Upon returning she continued training him until he was allowed tobecome a full Jedi Knight. She also returned in a relationship with the scoundrel Matton Rand. She now spends time training younglings and going out on assignments always at a state of readiness, as if expecting a battle any moment.

Name: Matton Rand
Species: Human
Description: Looks like Atton Rand
Backstory: Scoundrel and mercenary for hire, Matton was recruited back into service by Jun-la. Grudgingly he followed to Bastion and Setna, never engaging in actual battle but always on hand to give a shot or two at the enemy. A crack pilot, he remained on Coruscant in order to be near Jun-la and doing odd jobs for the Jedi and the republic in general. He gets along well with Tavaryn and they even joked about him becoming a Shimigami.

Whoo that's done. I hope it works out. What am I saying of course it will. Alkonium I know you have some pics of previous characters. You can post them to give a better idea about the characters. I won't get around to sketching them anytime soon.

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