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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post

For the record I never said anything where ACORN should get off for the voters registration fraud. I just find it funny that we are condemning the entire organization and all those associated with being corrupt. It like people donít even understand the concept of different divisions within an organization.

Or are you all saying that voter registration fraud makes the entire origination corrupt?
I don't specifically remember saying that but since we're on with it...let's see what I said:

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Yeah, if ACORN is actually doing something wrong, I don't want them involved in our voting system. Period.
Hm. I meant in the context that all of these organizations cheat to some extent or another, they're all dirty. It's kind of a dirty line of work.

Harsh though it is, I don't believe I'm being unfair b/c I look at all organizations like acorn to be corrupt at some level or another. More just "I'm not terribly surprised" response to it...

There can be good people working for a bad organization--they're good until they decide to go along with it as a conscious decision. When and where ever that might be.

Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
Extremely common mistake, yes, but not an entirely innocent one as they, in their defense, would have you believe. All of them do it, though, so you would be correct in the assumption that it is for tilting the election in their favor. The question here is how they go about it. Malicious or not, cheating is still cheating.

I suppose that is sensible enough. Only time will tell.
Here I believe they shouldn't get off on the cheating for which they were caught. I don't believe I'm ensung anything else.
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