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Standing up from his chair Ashtin took a deep breath in, then exhaled slowly. Obviously this particular human didn't understand that his actions could of done more harm than good, he was just lucky. And for the moment being in his presence was stirring up things he'd would of rather kept buried inside. Continuing this slowly breathing trying to relax his nerves, but it seemed completely impossible with this childish, moronic nit wit standing around trying to justify the fact that he could of ruined everything in his brief yet continuing moment of insanity.

"If you will please excuse me." Ashtin said as calmly as he could and bowed his head slightly "There is something I need to take care of."

Ashtin turned away from the table and walked passed Moxie without even glancing at her. He knew it hurt her, and maybe in a way he wanted to hurt her. There were things he needed to do. Something he needed to take care of. But he wasn't going to find it tied to the SS agency. Walking out of the cafeteria, and then down the hall to the elevator he took it up to the third floor sleeping quarters. His first stop was her room, Ashtin needed to leave something for her, something to help her. Walking down the hall he counted the doors he passed one...three... seven... then finally ten, Moxie's room.

He stood outside the door of her room for a long time then finally entered it. Ashtin didn't take the time to look around at what she could possibly have upon the walls, he was there to do one thing and one thing only. Reaching behind him he unhooked the two holsters that were attached to the back of his belt and left it on the table near Moxie's bed. Then he reached in and removed several clips he had hidden with in his jacket, two of the clips contained ultraviolet bullets for his hand. Then he sat on a chair and pulled a notebook and a pencil towards him and began writing.

Right now, as you read this. You maybe have been told I am a traitor and possibly to kill me on sight. And if you believe that is so, then I am leaving you two clips with specially made bullets. My guns will not fail you, just trust in them and they will trust in you. Our weapons, are just an extension of ourselves. Close your eyes and just feel yourself combine with what you hold in your hand. And gently squeeze the trigger and your mind will travel with the bullet to the point where you want it to hit. Believe you can do it, believe in yourself. Like I believe in you Moxie. And please do not follow the fallen, not everything can be saved or is meant to be saved.

My love for you is Eternal Moxie, Good-bye.

Sliding the notebook near his, now Moxie's two pistols Ashtin placed the pencil upon the notebook and left her room. Traveling back two rooms he entered his rooms. It stayed dark, just the way he usually liked things. His sword wasn't to fair out of reach, the sheath was black, with the front and back sides along with the top and bottom covered in silver metal. The blade was blood red, and contained a blood groove, the hilt was wrapped in black leather, and the hand guard was two dragons connected by they're tails and heads. He walked out of his room feeling a little anxious and nervous, feelings that weren't particularly new to him but they're presence wasn't comforting none the less.

With any luck Baldur hadn't killed the informant from the club yet. Hopefully the man remained suborn, forcing Baldur to wait. But information, was information and any creature would rightly give it up if it meant saving they're lives. Taking the elevator to the main floor he knew the first place he'd have to look, the interrogation chamber. Ashtins eye's focused on the door intensely as he could feel some excitement run through his entire body. He wasn't certain if it was just because of the adrenaline of the moment or his taste of freedom from restricting rules.

Stopping in front of the door Ashtin knocked upon it, but no answer came. Slowly and quietly he opened the door and found Gibbs asleep in the chair, and the informant recovering still from Baldurs interrogation techniques. Ashtin didn't envy the mine for having to be interrogated by Baldur, but Baldur was the best out of all of them Ashtin wasn't about to deny that. He began to wonder if he should leave Gibbs alive, or kill him merely out of precaution. At the moment he wasn't to particularly fond of leaving a trail of blood in his wake if he wanted to get out unnoticed for a good period of time. Leaving Gibbs alone Ashtin stepped quietly over to the informant and woke him up.

"Mr. Black you are to come with me." Ashtin said in a low authorative voice unhooking his chains from the table but leaving his hands chained together.

"What now, some punk vampire is going to try one over on me. You people already got what you wanted. Or wait are you the one they send to finish the job?" Mr. Black said in a low arrogant voice.

"No" Ashtin said keeping his voice quiet "I'm the one whose getting you out of here. And your going to lead me to the gang you deal with."

"What makes you think I'd do that?" responded Mr. Black looking into Ashtin's eyes.

"Because if you don't, and they happen to survive the encounter with SS agents and you still live. You won't for long. We have to warn them not to meet at that particular location. Create a new one." Ashtin told him, his voice remaining serious and his eyes staring directly back into Mr. Blacks.

There were several moments of silence before Mr. Black spoke "Alright, whats your plan to get out of here hot shot."

With a slight grin Ashtin said "Through the front gate."

They left the interrogation room, Ashtin dragging Mr. Black's still weaken body behind him to the elevator to the lower level, which housed all the different vehicals that the Supernatural Society used in undercover operations. Once in the garage Ashtin continued to drag Mr. Black to a car Ashtin kept the keys for a deep water blue Dodge Avenger. Throwing Mr. Black in the back seat of the car and closing the door, Ashtin looked up at the camera making sure his face was recognized and got into the drivers seat of the car. Once the engine was turned on he floored it through the gates of the garage then to the Agency it self and onto the main stretch of highway. He knew once they were in town he would have to ditch the car, along with the keys knowing they contained tracking devices upon them.

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