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I wonder how much else has been bold-faced lying/misinformation. Probably a lot. The only thing I think that we need to be careful of here though is getting into that confirmation bias fueled conspiracy theorist mode of thinking. I'm not saying that that's what happened here with this debunk of the ACORN stuff, as this looks like a pretty well thought out researching of the whole thing.

Still, I think this brings up the issue of conspiracy hypotheses, (why give them the credit of the title of 'theory', anyways?) as misinformation can be a big issue for anyone looking for the truth. I often have found myself trying to decide if a certain conspiracy hypothesis is true or not, but the lack of solid facts always seems to leave me where I started - undecided. It's a pointless process without solid facts: attempt to prove hypothesis, attempt to debunk proof, attempt to debunk the debunking, attempt to debunk the debunk of the debunking, etc, etc.

I hope that history books in the future will shed light on the secrets of these years when I'm older.

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