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Cylax looked at Slate and Syana with a rather confused look. He didn't know assassin's could have hearts but what was he to say on that. He wasn't sure why an assasin would befriend for a sith or why a sith would accept this but one thing he did know was it was surprisingly nice. For a split second, Cylax felt happiness and warmth. For a split second his faith in people was restored. However, he quickly let the moment disappear.

"Well, I think we should head for Cade's ship, Syana, Sir Cylax, he might just leave us behind if we dawdle,"

"I'll make sure Skywalker doesn't leave without us. You and Syana should take your time getting there just incase any of her wounds reopen." he said to Slate giving him a slight nod.

With that he left the room and started making his way to the ship. He turned around a corner and nearly ran into the helmeted jedi from earlier.

"My apologies jedi, I did not see you there. We should make our way to Skywalker's ship before he leaves everyone behind."
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