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Darius watched as Ashtin simply got up and walked away from the two of them. Darius shook his head the entire time. Was this guy really that much of a jerk that he didn't even have the common courtesy to say anything to Moxie. If only this guy was the stereotypical bad vampire he usually runs into. Then he'd have an excuse for killing him. Unfortunately for him he was a "good guy" and the last time he attacked a good vampire based on gut feeling, he had to run from a lot of puppeteers and a crazy man in a yellow bird costume.

I thought he was counting bullets...

Darius snapped out of his past and looked down at Moxie. He a hand on the girl's shoulder in an attempt to comfort her.

"Forget about him for now, he's probably just blowing off more steam...again. Alright I think we need to lighten things up, is there anything fun to do here? Lucky for you I've mastered fun unless it involves clowns...scary colorful clowns." Darius said hoping to change both the subject and Moxie's mood.
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