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After an hour of driving Ashtin and Mr. Black finally reached downtown. Thankfully the trip was a silent one which made it easier for Ashtin to work out a more detailed plan. Pulling over he parked the car and turned off the engine then turned to face Mr. Black and looked at the man who to Ashtin's surprise still seemed to be recovering. With a slight shake of his head he reached over and started patting Black's cheek to wake him up.

"You can sleep later Mr. Black, we have to contact your friends or they won't be your friends any longer." Ashtin said to the man keeping his voice strong.

Ashtin got out of the car and looked around, thankfully they were still well into night hours which meant for now there wasn't any hurry to hide somewhere. Opening the back door of the car Ashtin reached in and pulled Black out of the car, as Ashtin pulled him out of the car Black made a grunting noise as if he didn't want to have to move. Pushing Black along with the hilt of his sword Ashtin kept his eyes open for anything suspicious.

"There is a phone booth seven blocks away from our current position, thats where you make your call and make it quick." Ashtin told Black "Tell them to meet us at an old abandoned warehouse on the wharf, it's quiet and safe here."

Black didn't say anything in response only let out another grunt and a nod of his head. As they were walking Ashtin noticed a group of teenagers playing something that involved money and some dice. It wasn't a game Ashtin knew at all, but he had use for the people involved.

"Hey" Ashtin yelled out to the group and tossed the keys "Deep sea blue Dodge Avenger parked over on the corner. She won't let you down trust me."

The teens looked at the keys in shock, then one of them quickly grabbed the keys and started running, with the others shortly following after them. Now if the agency tried tracking the vehical they wouldn't find Ashtin still driving it. Which should buy him at least one more hour. After the long walk was over, Black picked up the phone and dialed a number. Now Ashtin had to wait for Black's conversation to be over, and the desired location to be agreed upon. So he waited leaning his back against the booth his arms folded over his chest and his sword firmly in its hilt, and the hilt tightly attached to his belt.

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