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Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Héh, haven't decided yet, though TSL has my favour. Cause of more alien NPCs avaible, that can do more then walkabout and talk.

On other news, one would almost forget I was adding something to Korriban. Just this afternoon, I had some fun, to finally start texturing the Temple.

Finished the doorframe and all the copies it needed, the hallway sections and the sort of centrale "hall". The cave has been done as well. Depending on how the mood is tomorrow, I'll do the church bit

Enough of my yapping, time for a few shots:

2 best shots first, really love warm yellow

2 lesser shots, I wanted to go more dark... but it didn't really work out that well >_>

And a last teaser of something else I've been working on:

Great stuff Quanon!

Oh, and I believe the word Alien belongs in response to your little teaser

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