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"I don't want you half breed," Karaka said. "She is the one I want." He pointed a claw at Jun-la who had her family's sword out. She would wait until the last moment to use her lightsaber.

Jun-la replied, "Yes your fight is with me but there are two. Why not both?"

The answer was never uttered for more of the enemy arrived. This one was unmistakeably a female but her face was masked and her eyes had the blood lust. She jumped at Komad thrrowing her specialty weapon at him. Karaka grunned, "Not it's just us."

"And so it is," Jun-la replied. Suddenly she swooped into attack lunging with her blade while Karaka used his blades against her.


As the sand cleared, Tonatius saw he was surrounded in battle. HE saw his cousin and dashed straight towards her. He halted when he saw Kalla and noticed she was in a deep fight. Sinking to the ground, he closed his eyes and began to meditate. Cousin? Cousin are you still with us?


Tavaryn noticed Alriana catching up. He said, "Feels good after being in stasis, doesn't it?" He was referring to her using the Force again.

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