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Baldur watched from the shadows. His eyes didnt deceive him that he saw Ashtin throw a man in the backseat of a Deap Sea Blue Dodge Avenger. Ashtin then teared through the Garage and out onto the open road. Baldur materialised outside of the headquarters and watched as the car dashed through the highway.

"Well... I never thought he would actually do it." he smiled. "I may have underestimated that one. Well, he wont be going to far I would hope to imagine."

He made his way to the security/surveilance room. It was a dark archway passage illuminated by the lights emited from the many computer consoles lined across the wall. There were only 4 men in the room, taking overnight shifts while the rest of the crew worked during the day.

"Please tell me you didnt miss that..." Baldur crossed his arms. One of the men glanced up in responce.

"We're keeping an eye on him this minute. Damn! I hit the emergency lockdown right before he was nearing the exit. Those Avengers sure do pack enough grunt to evade such a thing."

"We've got bigger problems... He's taken one of our prisoners. Mr Johnny Black, whom we have just taken into custody, to be precise. That could raise big problems..." Baldur stared at the clock on the monitor. "We've got 6 hours before sunrise to locate him. Even if he does ditch the car and throw the keys away, there are still other ways to track him... Which I'm sure you're already aware of." he smirked. He turned around and dematerialised.
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