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Tyrannus suddenly appeared after the dust settled. He said, "Broken? Really Kaltas did you think that it ends with Virul? Have you forgotten the lesson about the darkness?"

"I haven't forgotten," Andros spoke up. "Yet you have no army."

"You think so?"

The dust then cleared to reveal hundred, thousands, probably millions of hordesmen and other kinds of demon like creatures. The Blood King then appeared to stand right beside Tyrannus. Tyrannus then said, "You are welcome to try."

The Blood King roared, "Attack!"

All of a sudden there appeared old friends led by Riyusaan. He thumped his staff and said, "Your time has come. Here we will settle this."


Tavaryn grinned then looked straight ahead. "We gotta get faster." With an extra burst of energy he shot forward. At the same time he with drew his shuriken. "The battle may not be in our favor."

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