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=kheimon;2706049]Anyone having problem with inserting CDs and so on, please copy JK_.CD file onto the "RESOURCE" subdirectory of install directory and replace the contents with an hex editor, write these bytes:

0x84 0x32 0x97 0x69

(Obviously you first have to copy all the cutscenes stuff from both CD1 and CD2)

I can't make it recognize either CD now. I played through to the Palace Escape without any problems, but not it asks for CD 2. I insert it, but it doesn't recognize it... nor CD 1 any more, as it were. You say to copy this JK_.CD file into the "RESOURCE' subdirectory, but it's already in there. What's a hex editor? I have no idea what that is, and I sure don't know how to "write bytes." What should I do to resume the game?
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