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Sorry for the mini-necro, but I just wanted to point something out that hadn't been noted yet. A friend of mine who is currently in the army (and has been long before GWOT), pointed this out:

"This isn’t news…. They’ve been on there since as far back as I can remember. I had a TA-01 NSN years ago that had a verse on it… and the reflexes had them. So it wasn’t like this was inspired by Sep 11th to get back at Muslims or anything whacky like that. I think many people are overlooking the fact that all of the bible verses have to do with "light"... self illuminated optics and all that. I think it has more to do with that than proselytizing."

I pretty much agree with him. The company's founder wanted to put some clever references to light in his optics, easter eggs if you will. Being a devout christian, when he thought of light, and easily referenced pages/phrases, he thought of the bible.

Also, the current sales aren't "contracts" per se as most are sold and bought under COTS (commercial off the shelf) sales so there was no contract vehicle that they developed the product to sell to. In other words, they're the same exact models being sold to the civvy market, and changing the model names would have been very strange. Also, the optics work well, and honestly that's all that matters in the field.

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