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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Like whoelse percisely?
Precisely anyone involved in actually registering voters. Not only does that go for ACORN, but their counterparts as well.

Ann Coulter? The Banking Industry? Halliburton? The U.S. Army? The Supreme Court?
So to put me on the defensive, you imply I'm just giving acorn a hard time b/c they're democrat based and got caught in the act--gotcha.
Well I think George Bush is a coward and he was a republican.

As to picking specific people out, sure I wish we would do that. Why don't we do that?

Unfortunately, hate to admit it but Web has a point:
Originally Posted by Web
It wouldn't help, even if they did, the people using their mistakes would go "well, back in 2009 ACORN did this! Oh they say they've changed their ways, but even though I have no evidence, my gut tells me they're the same!" Once their tarnished, they're tarnished for good.
The mistrust once there is always there, yes. Frankly, you screw with the voting system, you ought to go down for it. Presumed innocent until proven guilty, though.

Then I guess it's back to square one. So either we choose:
let them continue with corruption and vested interests or
cut them down and have another rise to take their place.

Take your pick. And I guess if we're going by this standard, firing only the few who did it wouldn't mean much if later on the same sort of thing is uncovered again. I'm still all for firing the specific douchebags, though.

Despite that there isn't always evidence, suppose the person saying that...well, long and short of it, consider the source.

Or we could just pretend people mean well and go on like we have been.
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