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Originally Posted by Gabez View Post
It doesn't count as a hotty botty, no, but it counts as something warm and cuddly under the blankets. I'm a bit concerned about microwavable wheat pillows, though: do they hold the heat in for long enough? Also, is there a chance that lethal microwave radiation will murder you in your sleep?
Nah they don't, but I fall asleep fast. I really only use it for warming up the bed thou, so it doesn't matter. It's faster and I'm lazy P:

Huh.. I saw a cartoon commercial about that once.. I need to find it, it was hilarious I would rather trust my heat pillow than my cellphone. Those sneaky little bastards... They're taking over our minds with their brainwashing little radiowaves! D: THEY'RE GONNA START A REVOLUTION, I JUST KNOW IT.
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