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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
Because that is completely contrary to the game's theme. KOTOR was very heavily dipped in Expanded Universe lore, so name-dropping ancient Sith Lords left and right was fine. TFU has a completely different feel: it lives off of what most people know from the movies, so drudging up expanded universe lore - especially from the more ancient times in the Star Wars universe - would be completely out of sync with the feel of the game.

Maul's presence in the first game was completely unlike that because he was a character from the films, so it was semi-acceptable (once you get over how random the encounter was, but I guess that's the point). Encountering Naga Sadow's holocron just would not jive with such a game. If the franchise had been very heavily steeped in Expanded Universe lore from the get-go, fine; but it was intended to cater more to the movie crowd.

You get me?
Yeah, actually you make a good point. They made up alot of material for TFU instead of using the EU. So that actually makes sense.
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