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Tyrannus then grinned, "This'll be fun then."

Then the artillery from his side began to fire and the armies began to charge. It was like a tidal wave crashing on a beachhead.


Karaka was circling with Jun-la before launchign an attack. Jun-la deftly dodged it and leaped in the air to rain down a strike of her own. Karaka blocked and swiped at her. He barely scratched her but the sight of her blood was enough to spur him on.

Jun-la used the speed she had and added just a little more so that she would disappear and then reappear somewhere else in the blink of an eye. She did it so fast and often that it looked like there were multiple versions of her. When Karaka managed to land a body shot, she skidded backwards to a stop.

"So you've learned the flash step. I would have thought that you would be more reliant on your Force," Karaka taunted in an effort to keep her from knowing how tired he really was.

"Sometimes you release something when it is the right time," Jun-la replied. She was panting herself but it was not as heavy. Damn! It's been awhile since I've practiced and it shows. He landed some hard ones but he is tiring and fast. Just a little longer.

"Then you are a fool. Warriors like you and me need to be tested. What is the purpose of locking away a skill if you intend to fight?"

"There are more things than fighting but the fight is a driving force," Jun-la replied, "It is in all of us. The powerful are driven to battle to test themselves and to gain strength. Yet to do so without a purpose means nothing."

"And what is your purpose?"

The words were barely ot of Karaka's mouth when Jun-la flashed forward into the air and strike with all her might. The force of the blow broke Karaka'a blades and sent him howling in pain. Upon landing, Jun-la finished him off by bringing her ups upwards and slicing him open. As Karaka looked at her with death in his eyes, she said, "I get stronger because it's what I am and I use it to protect."

Karaka fell down dead. Jun-la was still panting, unaware that a figure flashed right behind her.

The Blood King had been seeking her out as he smacked the Republic soldiers that landed aside with huge force. When he saw her, he flashed forward to right behind her and had raised his huge blade to strike her down.


Matton was in the middle of fixing something when he sensed it. Then an image flased in his mind and he saw Jun-la and behind her...

He dropped his hydrospanner and told R4 to stay with the ship and jumped on one of the swoops that happened to be in the garage section of the ship and took off. He had to save her.


Tonatius managed to give his cousin a quick hug and gave a peck to Kalla when they were surrounded by the enemy. Andorra needed to be kept away and watched as the Republic soldier carried her away. He realised though that he needed help and said, "Kalla, we need to by time for Andorra to make it to the ship. Let's cover Iyav's flank."

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