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Pity about that mod! As many of us know who have attempted stuff like that, ambitious total conversions and other mods (beyond anything basic like an MP map, skin, or saber mod) is that it's really hard to finish something like that, working in your spare time for free. Organizing a team of people like that (especially if you only know each other online) is even more of a nightmare. Kudos to anyone who can pull something like that off and actually release something playable. It's hard! Anyway...

Okay, so there's been nothing thus far. E3 2010 is just around the corner though, right?

Naah, all there is thus far is Ultimate Sith Edition for the PC, which is sort of the "Dark Jedi game" we never ever got, but with no multiplayer and piss poor editing support (not to mention the saber action is button mashing hack and slash as far as I can tell). Force Unleashed 2 MAY end up being a great game, but all we've seen thus far is some concept art and a cutscene, no actual gameplay, and it's a console exclusive.

The Old Republic is a MMORPG, and gameplay looks like a cross between KOTOR and Galaxies... (if that's your cup of tea, but it isn't mine)

So it looks like we're still waiting on that "new Jedi Knight Game."

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