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Messed around with it for awhile (played levels 1-3 and flipped through the rest). Registered for the DarkXL forum but something seems to be wrong (oh well, I'll mess with it later).

My system specs (yes, this rig is old as dirt now):

ATI AllinWonder 9600 (128 mb vram)
AMD Athlon XP+ (2 Ghz)
Windows 2000 Pro
DirectX 9.0c
256 mb sd pc133 ram
Soundblaster Live!

My impressions so far, since I can't post there yet:

Performance is great. The controls feel a little bit sticky at times (Kyle gets hung up on some walls or drifts around a bit). I remember the movement in the orginal being a little "ice skatey" at times, but not quite this bad. It's not severe though, just a little annoying at times.

A few menu options are missing, like the "blaster shield" option (it's a cheat, I know). It would be nice if you could bind more than one key to a function.

As lucius the author pointed out on the official forums, the player HUD is minimized right now, rather than scalable. You can't destroy the little 3D "mouse droids," to get batteries. You can't use secondary fire, and the cheat codes don't work (but you can float and "clip" up one level or through one door at a time with the touch of a button).

I see you can use command line darkxl -x to "unlock" all the levels, but really only the first three are playable, and even the Moff Rebus mission (Anoat City, mission 3) didn't complete, I had to "cheat" to clip through the door doors at the end and it wouldn't finish when I tagged Rebus.

You can't pick up or use any other weapons beyond the ST Rifle and Thermal detonators, and any enemies beyond the three standard imperials, the probe and torture droids, dianogas and grans just stand there and don't attack (and your shots go right through them). The cutscenes sometimes have pauses or stutter between transitions (the music cuts out completely for the opening crawl). The "bonus cutscene" of Kyle "gearing up" from the demo can't be added to DarkXL yet like you can to regular Dark Forces.

So the mouse droids scurry around but can't be destroyed. The other "3D" enemies, that is the laser turrets and "droid welding arms" aren't animated at all and can't be affected, which makes the game a lot easier because you can just waltz past them in complete safety.

On my video card the "bloom" option unfortunately made big black boxes around sprites and made some rooms totally dark (until you picked up a powerup in that room). Turned it off and things were fine.

Still, pretty impressive thus far, it LOOKS GREAT, and having perfect mouselook/mouse aiming really helps and makes the gameplay seem natural and modern in that way without feeling out of place.

Anyway, great so far, keep up the good work!

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