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Battlefront Extreme

Hello peoples!

Im just new here, so i dont know the forum well. So if i missed somthing, im sorry for that! But i got a question!~

Does anyone knows the Battlefront Extreme mod? Im running the BFX 1.0 version(yes its old :P I know thers a 2.2 version, but i think that one is screwed). Now my friend says, he can beat me easily. So we do want to fight each other. Only, i can get this version online(and i read you cant go online with this version?) Does anyone have a link to newer version with bombing run(Electro Boniculars) and with the republic commando(From Republic Commando the game) and the last clone you can play with(I call it a commander :P) with the wester m-5.

Although, does people have played this version? Ever seen the 'fatal error'? (On kamino)I think it occured when you use the electro boniculars and the droid or clone you shoot at, flew of the platform and fall in to the water... very anoying. Especially if you have 411 kills with 137 enemy reinforcements to go.... almost 500 kills D=

Well, i hope i hear from ya soon


Rooie Duvel
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