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Brutal legend 2 should follow Eddie riggs on his continues journey through the metal world, brutal legend was set in just a small continent, now they should add a whole world, with towns and such. changes like:

new factions: an evil black metal army( the drowning doom dosent count since they are doom metal) a rageing Viking metal army( combined with the sort of epic over the top metal manowar plays)

give eddie the ability to jump and give him a chain to use in the same fashion you use a whip.

new monsters like, a dragon monster truck hybrid.

the return of Fleatus plus his crew. the crew is offcourse modeld after the rest of ACDC

And for the love of god, cast Dio as a titan in human form sitting atop a silver mountain. ( that is if he beats the damnd stomach cancer)

The story whould be that Doviculus didnt die there at the shores of the black sea, the evil of the sea raises him from the dead and gives him dark powers beyond belif, he leaves the current metal land in search for an army strong and brutal enough to counter the ironheade and to bring Eddie down. He finds them in the form of the black metal Army, the black Horde, a group of humans who worships the the most grim and brutal teachings of the titans and Ormagöden, Doviculus poses as an emisery of there gods and makes a pact with there king, Lord Ülmatron, that in exchange for dark powers the king will help the demon emperor in destroying ironheade. But one of the titans sees allt his and appears before eddie in the form of a prophet ( that be Ronnie james dio) and tells him about the turn of event.

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