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Originally Posted by Kurgan
You don't need to hex edit anything, that's overkill.
It's actually piece-of-cake. Editing 4 bytes will make the cutscenes run smoothly from hard disk, without Daemon stuff.

Originally Posted by Fwigglemuck
I can't make it recognize either CD now. I played through to the Palace Escape without any problems, but not it asks for CD 2. I insert it, but it doesn't recognize it... nor CD 1 any more, as it were. You say to copy this JK_.CD file into the "RESOURCE' subdirectory, but it's already in there. What's a hex editor? I have no idea what that is, and I sure don't know how to "write bytes." What should I do to resume the game?
Don't reinstall anything at all

Edit the JK_.CD file with an hex editor like XVI32 ( Write in that file

84 32 97 69

EXACTLY in the first 4 "boxes" replacing the 4 values present. Obviously you first have to copy all the cutscenes stuff from both CD1 and CD2.

You can be sure it will work. The JK main executables apparently recognises this 4-byte sequence as a CD-check defeat. That's not evil, since this game is almost abandonware, and editing a 4-byte file is not cracking anything. You won't have to swap CDs with Daemon Tools or anything like that.
Just do this way and play this masterpiece.

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