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Originally Posted by StarWarsPhreak View Post
Are they using a new engine? I, personally, was disappointed when it came to the conversation/dialog system. To go from Mass Effect's dialog wheel to clicking text was kinda lame.

Although, I am getting the Dragon Age itch. I'm trying to resist buying until the price drops some more.
I may just have some chemical imbalances in my brain, but I actually prefer the clicking dialog system to the wheel. I turned against the wheel when I selected something along the lines of "*resigned sigh*", and Shepard said "I should just kill you both."

As for Quality vs. Turnaround, I see one of two situations:
A: Bioware's trying to capitalize on the popularity of the game, and is pumping out a sequel far too quickly, resulting in lesser quality.
B: Bioware is taking advantage of the funding they now can take from EA, and have expanded their workforce, spending less time on prettier graphics and gimmicks (which take up a very large amount of time when making a game), and centering on improving gameplay and story.

I'm hoping for B. Of course, it'll be delayed anyway, I'm hard pressed to think of recent games which haven't been.

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