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Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
When did Dragon Age jump to a new engine? Or have I missed spoilers about the sequel already?
They didn't

Guess I wasn't clear. My point is that in a year they can't have altered that much to improve the game engine on all kind of things: graphics, glitches, frame drops and all.

I also fear they'll won't be adding in more new enviroments and it'll be copy/paste more of the same scenery bits & bobs. Just differantly placed.

Feels kind of lame to me. Not that I want everything to be spanking new, but if like 80% is going to be the same look of 3D taken from the first game, then its going to be a bit boring.

I'm a visual junky
So I expect new things to see and drool at.

Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
Err... why? The dialogue-wheel is an almost-purely cosmetic change - it adds nothing to the game except that you now have less control over what your character says. It's an almost perfect example of a gimmick.
What I mostly enjoyed from ME is that your character has a voice. Playing as a mute again, just isn't that enthralling. I think their wheel ats better momentum to the game.
Mind I enjoy conversations, but its kind of odd to have these silences, when you as a player are reading what to say.

Ofcourse in ME you can wait 30 minutes as well to repley
I hope Obsidians choice in Alpha Protocol would take a lead in RPGs, just pick the emotion and see what happens
Sounds far more fun to me.

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