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The topdown guardian of light seems like it could be interesting, but I'll reserve judgment. The topdown could destroy it as easily as it could help it.

The second one being more Tomb Raider? I'll believe it when I see it. They told me, yet again, that this next reboot would be different. A more tasteful, back to roots reboot of the franchise and character unlike the lack reboot from Angel of Darkness that had Lara running around in a legless diving suit (seriously, if you're not going to cover your legs whats the point of a dive suit?) and a hiked up battle dress. I could, literally, rant for hours on Lara Croft and Samus Aran. Anniversary was a step in the right direction, but I felt like it still undermined the character from the very first game. Seriously, when has Lara ever gotten mopey eyed when hurting someone who tried to kill her?

The top down may or may not interest me because I have little faith in the puzzles and, I have a feeling, Lara is going to be gunning down a bunch of humans. The secret new Tomb Raider game has my interest up to a point... Second I see a screenshot of her in hotpants and DDs, I'm done. They have promised me change in 2 reboots, and failed to deliver both times.

Just as a fun fact, Lara Croft in Underworld holds the records for most pixels in a single game model ever. While I'm sure most of that could have gone into amazing gear and a detailed suit, It instead went into making her lips, ass, and breasts as perfect as the gaming consoles would allow...
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