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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
The secret new Tomb Raider game has my interest up to a point... Second I see a screenshot of her in hotpants and DDs, I'm done. They have promised me change in 2 reboots, and failed to deliver both times.

Just as a fun fact, Lara Croft in Underworld holds the records for most pixels in a single game model ever. While I'm sure most of that could have gone into amazing gear and a detailed suit, It instead went into making her lips, ass, and breasts as perfect as the gaming consoles would allow...
You don't sound like much of a Tomb Raider fan if you have a problem with that stuff. The games have always depicted Lara as over sexualized, they just didn't have the processing power to make her ass look amazing in 1996. If you honestly expect that to change you are going to be disappointed time and time again.

Reason I don't have a problem with them doing this is that it is done to guys in most games with huge muscles and perfectly toned bodies, people are just more sensitive about it when it's done to female characters for whatever reason. It's annoying. Not that I have a problem with it either way, who wants to play as an overweight or weak looking character? It's a video game, they can get away with looking perfect.

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