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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Reason I don't have a problem with them doing this is that it is done to guys in most games with huge muscles and perfectly toned bodies, people are just more sensitive about it when it's done to female characters for whatever reason. It's annoying. Not that I have a problem with it either way, who wants to play as an overweight or weak looking character? It's a video game, they can get away with looking perfect.
Well, it's probably because girls can be in excellent physical condition and not have a large chest.

As far as changing the way Lara Croft looks...well, it seems like taking Mario and turning him into a body builder. Changes can happen in video game franchises without taking a character's main costume/look and messing with 'em. It's the gameplay and story that changes game series.

For instance, TR: AoD tried to make the series darker and grittier (and, from everything I've read and seen about the game, failed miserably). TR:U tried again and succeeded, thus changing the feel of the series a little.

From the look of Guardian of Light, I get the feeling that Tomb Raider is getting a little less serious again, and the gameplay is definitely changing--heck, the camera angle alone does that. Having a multi-player mode changes it even more.

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