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Ashtin grabbed Black by the collar of his shirt and started walking away from the harbor. He knew in his line of work there was nothing as being over cautious. He took several side streets and then turned into a dark alley way. There in the distance he saw beggars sleeping in or under cardboard boxes. In normal circumstances Ashtin would frown upon such interactions with the lowlifes of the human world. But again you can never be to cautions with the supernatural in this world.

"Hey" Ashtin said his voice harsh as he kicked the cardboard box hard enough to put a hole into it "Wake up"

The elderly man, groaned and turned to look over at Ashtin still holding Black by the collar of this shirt. The man seemed surprised that two pretty well dressed man would be in a dark dirty alley as this one trying to get the attention of a beggar.

"What is it you want..." the beggar said his voice dry and low.

"Your clothes" Ashtin said "Your's and his" he said pointing to the pan laying on the cold paved alley under a piece of cardboard, and newspapers.

The man stared up at the two men, his eyes glancing between them. Slowly the beggar stood up and walked over to his friend waking him up. Ashtin could smell the fear the man was feeling for the situation. The assumption was at the current time the man had faced many dangerous situations and didn't want this particular one to be his last. The beggar explained what Ashtin wanted and all four men exchanged clothes in the alley. The beggars were happy with they're new outfits, while Ashtin and Black frowned a little at the smell that was now emitting from them. How ever Ashtin was far from trying to alter they're smell.

The puddles on the ground smelled worse than the clothes they had now acquired so hopefully the intense smell wouldn't make them lose the contents of they're stomachs. With a quick jerk of his arm Ashtin pushed Black into the puddles then knelt down and started running the liquid through his hair and onto his skin. This was probably the second most disgusting thing he had ever had to do. The first was when he encounter Moxie and had to make a quick get away through the sewers.

Once they both were now completly putrid to smell Ashtin grabbed Black's collar once more and made the man walk in front of him. They're destination now was for the abandoned warehouse upon the wharf.

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