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"This ritual is dangerous, indeed. But we require it so that the Shadow Dwellers will forever prosper", said Lord Sethos to the Council that gathered with him.

"All of us have an inkling of the Force, stronger in some than in others. Channeling the dark energy that the Force provides us, and we are able to track any organism that exists in the universe."

"But such a ritual has never been attempted before! The results can be magnanimous! And all this for one person?" This time, it was one of the council that spoke, one of the young and brilliant leaders of the Shadow Dwellers.

"And you're saying that you'll let the woman who is destined to destroy us all run free because of the risk it takes to find her?", argued another. This time, the leader of the Bloodbringers, ever loyal.

"Very well, I see your point", replied the first.

"Good. Then this tumultuous matter is settled. The council shall begin the ritual on the sun's falling. The Survivor shall never see the light of day again!"

"All hail Lord Sethos!", screamed the council.

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