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Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
The roof... the roof... the roof is on fire!

It does look that way, the effect had to be this strong or barely noticeable
Got a lot to learn to tweak materials, to get nice effects in my renders.
Mind that'll never be like this in the game. I will try to get at least the glass to be bright, hopefully with a faint glow effect.

Originally Posted by Marius Fett View Post
Well, i'm not gonna lie to to Q. As you would say; this looks 'drooltastic'.
Héhéhé, thanks for all the nice comments, all of you folks!

Originally Posted by Darth Payne View Post
Ya know, for some reason i think the words 'Dark Templar' when i see those screenies.
Well, Redrob mentioned crusades and you're mentioning Templar, well you aren't to far off, to what I wanted this temple to be about.

It's not about great Sith Lord aka Dark Jedi being tombed at this place, but an order of Sith Warriors, which has history going back before the Dark Jedi even arrived on Korriban. Ofcourse everything changed cause of the influence of these "alien" visitors. Perhaps my temple thing is more like a cloister of some whack order of warriors.

Not that I'm going to write a ton of lore, it's more to make it clear this ain't tomb, well not on this level

Expect to find some need helmets and armour to wear. Few swords to swing about, good stuff ^_^
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