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"While we walk perhaps you can enlighten me on a few things that have been bothering me since I arrived on this planet."

Cylax looked at jedi with a quizzical look. He wasn't sure he was the right person to be talking to about problems, but he nodded at the jedi's request.

"If you would, could you tell me what has happend to this group since the begining of their journey? And if you don't mind my asking, but how did you become a cyborg?"

"Besides the sith constantly attacking, I'm not sure. There was this one sith back on Soccoro that was a little off. He seemed to the leader of the group from what I could tell. And I didn't become a cyborg, I was forced to so let's just leave it at that," Cylax said harshly. "My apologies jedi, I'm sure you understand what I'm talking back with that helmet of yours... I'm Cylax by the way," he added in tired of calling this person jedi.
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