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They'll probably do the same as with awakening: if you are willing to pretend that you survived the archdemon, they'll let you do that while still listing you as "dead".

To be honest though I expect DA 2 to involve a new PC, as, especially mage PC's, are close to Godlike at the end of DA. In ME you killed a rather evil guy wiho had overdosed on iron, but you was still just a spectre (since I haven't played ME 2, please don't spoil it if you disagree with my asessment). In DA you killed a fracking god, potentially made the mages independent, and (apparently) after Awakening rebuildt the grey wardens and became the ruler of a province. So unless DA2 has us setting fire to the makers pants, I don't see how they could give us a challenge.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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