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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
Err... why? The dialogue-wheel is an almost-purely cosmetic change - it adds nothing to the game except that you now have less control over what your character says. It's an almost perfect example of a gimmick.
Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
I may just have some chemical imbalances in my brain, but I actually prefer the clicking dialog system to the wheel. I turned against the wheel when I selected something along the lines of "*resigned sigh*", and Shepard said "I should just kill you both."
Exactly, I didn't mind when expressions were "shortened", but some of them have WAY different meanings than how they were presented, and that was incredibly annoying. How can you make a game about decision making when you don't know what your decisions really are?

As for Quality vs. Turnaround, I see one of two situations:
A: Bioware's trying to capitalize on the popularity of the game, and is pumping out a sequel far too quickly, resulting in lesser quality.
B: Bioware is taking advantage of the funding they now can take from EA, and have expanded their workforce, spending less time on prettier graphics and gimmicks (which take up a very large amount of time when making a game), and centering on improving gameplay and story.

I'm hoping for B. Of course, it'll be delayed anyway, I'm hard pressed to think of recent games which haven't been.
Sequels generally take a lot less time than the originals, especially if you don't rework the entire engine, the models and so forth. And yes, EA is big on pumping out less than spectacular sequels to amazing games, (see: everything EA makes), but in any case, as long as the Bioware people retain primary design and development control and EA simply gives them more resources, then all should be well.

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
They didn't
Guess I wasn't clear. My point is that in a year they can't have altered that much to improve the game engine on all kind of things: graphics, glitches, frame drops and all.
Altering an existing engine is still far less complicated that developing an entirely new one. Once you've got that done, adding in models of the appropriate size, shape, and location is fairly simple.

I also fear they'll won't be adding in more new enviroments and it'll be copy/paste more of the same scenery bits & bobs. Just differantly placed.
But to be honest, how many forests and fields and country towns and medieval cities can you have before they all look the same anyway?

What I mostly enjoyed from ME is that your character has a voice. Playing as a mute again, just isn't that enthralling. I think their wheel ats better momentum to the game.
Mind I enjoy conversations, but its kind of odd to have these silences, when you as a player are reading what to say.
I agree, however, the voices also limited characters. I played several non-white characters and really, it just made the voices sound bad. The Fem Shepard was a little more general, but the Male Shepard was hands down a 30-something, middle-class white male....with no VA skillz.

Originally Posted by Revan 411 View Post
And I really do hope that Dragon Age 2 will be the Dragon Age equivalent of Mass Effect 2. Meaning that it should have better graphics, better game-play, more interesting characters, more cinematic experience, better soundtrack and music, less focus on political themes and more focus on the War and who's behind it. Heck, there should even be a Dark-Spawn equivalent of Legion! (A Dark-Spawn who joins your party.)
The more cinematic games get the more I feel like I should just go watch Lord of the Rings. There's a point where gameplay is so overwhelmed by cinematics that you might as well just watch a movie.

Also: I loved the political themes. And no, a dark-spawn companion would be idiotic because everyone would go "this is just like Mass Effect 2!". Not that all Bioware's games don't have the same themes to them, (see: bioware game meme), but they still have to differentiate them enough to get people into both at the same time.

Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
Remember that DA for PC was due to release at the beginning of 2009. It sat around on a shelf for almost 12 months because EA wanted to release it alongside the console ports in November. That would mean DA2 will technically be released 2 years after DA1 was finished - plenty of time.
Exactly, just because a game comes out X years after the release date of it's predecessor does not mean it has been in development for < X time.

Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
It won't be a new engine. The models were fine anyway - the main problem was poor textures, a large part of which consoles are to blame for.
The models were quality, but of somewhat inhuman proportions. They needed some fine-tuning to hit that "real human body" mark.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
I've blown Dragon Age out of my system because I couldn't care to finish its entirely unsuspenseful, predictable and clichéed story. I'll still try Dragon Age 2, but let me guess what happens in the first game: after allying all the nations and taking care of the Loghain business, you fight the darkspawn and kill the Archdemon, bringing a temporary peace to Ferelden before a teasing epilogue that summons you to some other part of Thedas.
Actually, there are several endings to the game, depending on your good-evil status, who you kept as companions, your relationships, your in-game choices and so on. Yes, the story is cliched, what fantasy RPG isn't? But no, the "I'm off to fight new battles in a strange land" is only one of multiple endings.

Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
M'yeah, DA missed impact. The idea of battleling a mutated warped dragon was good, but you only see th beast once or twice and it just growls >_>

At least in ME 1, Saren and you crossed more then once and had some words. I'dd say its not a forté of Bioware. All of their big bad @zz bosses seem to suffer from this.
The larger the boss, the rarer the interactions. It's always this way in games, and I think that's why Awakening has more human-sized baddies. Fighting a dragon is cool and all, but when it's an angry, mindless beast, it's a little dry. I think it would have been cool to have some actual interaction with the old god/dragon, I mean, you COULD hear it's "voice" in your head.


My only real complaint about DAO was that it was too linear, which I suppose is a problem that Bioware has learned to live with. The multiple endings was a good start, however, I'd like to see some diversification in Bioware storylines EVENTUALLY. Ya know, side with the darkspawn or demons or whatever, ya know, just make it able so that if I play through "darkside" I'll actually play a whole different game. Not just "if you're a jerk you won't have allies and you'll lose" story arcs.

edit: sorry for the mega-post.

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