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Often I find that other modes of expression besides prose has a unique quality of expressing what is hard to say straight up. Poetry can give a plethora of metaphors to describe all sorts of situations that would otherwise be difficult to say. This week I am looking at two pieces done by our forum members.

Lights, Lights and More Lights: A Collection of Poetry by beanlord56

A newcomer to the CEC bringing a collection of poetry that is metaphorical to a great love. In all four pieces, the theme centers around the concept of light. While not in a typical rhyming scheme, they portray a person's struggle to live in the world and is only redeemed by the presence of this light. There is a hint of religious connotation in regards to the light which suggests a love of Christianity and Christ. Though it is present, it is skillfully hidden within the concept of light. The flow is moving and the word choice is very well done. Keep it up beanlord.

KOTOR: Empire by Mr_BFA

A unique take upon the Star Wars universe and fanfiction in general. By his own admission, Mr_BFA is attempting to tell the story of the Kotor games in poetry format. Beginning with the Mandalorian wars, the poem chronicles Revan's thoughts and emotions when he sees the Republic in trouble and then makes the decision to go to war. Interesting use of rhyme and the stanza format is different. It seems that MR_BFA is attempting to reflect Revan's feelings and the situation through the stanza formation rather than just the words. Non traditional meter, the work flows with a warlike beat and is coupled with a sense of urgency. Nice work and keep it up.

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