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Tavaryn thought for a moment before answering, "We didn't have a chance but Admiral Belina has our back. She would have sent dropships to our location." He paused to check to see the distance. "Besides, it is difficult to ascertain numbers when it is difficult to infiltrate enemy ranks."


Tonatius was on point as he held Iyav and Kalla get Andorra out of the battle. The hordesmen were fairly easy but as he noticed they were lower level. In the back of his mind, he worried that there was something greater than these guys. He caught sight of the former assassin and signalled him to take point and he would guard the side. He said, "Take point. I'll take right flank." Then to Kalla, "Shift left."


The Blood King thought it would be an easy kill. To kill a descendant of his mortal enemy was nothing sort of an aphrodisiac of sorts. He swung down with all his might intent on cleaving her in half. His sword came down, down and it stopped. A shudder rang up his arms. He looked down and saw...

Jun-la may have been out of breath but she was still connected to the Force. It was warning her that something was behind her and putting her in danger. In an instant, she spun around and brought her sword up and put all her resolve into blocking the blow. It worked for she hardly felt the strength of the blow but that didn't make her let up. She looked ip at the Blood King who was staring down at her with surprise on his face. "Trying to cheap shot me?"

The Blood King contorted his face into a menacing scowl, "Take what you can and give nothing back. That is the way of it."

Jun-la moved her sword to swing off the enemy's blade and it slid off with a clang. She pointed it straight at the Blood King in a defensive posture. "Then it is clear you have no shou."

"A waste of time to think about shou in battle. When you're at war, you're at war."

"Then let us get going with our business of war," Jun-la replied knowing that talk was wasted on this foul creature whose spirit had inhabited those willing to sucumb to hate.

"My pleasure,' the Blood King replied smiling. He brought his sword back and then flashed forward in attack.


Tyrannus made his way through the battle, killing the enemy as he made his way towards Kaltas. When he was behind him, he said, "Funny how battle can distract one to the point where they aren't aware of who's coming and going."

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