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Devon replied, "What are you stupid or something?"

He was prevented from doing anything else when a human boy told him to leave her alone. He looked at him with a sneer, his ridges looked menacing, "You gonna make me?"

"Possibly. Or I might just handle you myself," Aruko said. He had noticed the girl too and he knew what it was like to be picked on because he was different. He stared at the Anatolian boy with a glare.

Devon noticed the markings on the second boy's forehead. So one of them is here. Out loud he said, "You my friend would do better to keep to company with the right kind of people. After all aren't your people proud of their race?"

Aruko was seething with anger but he managed to smile and replied, "I can pick my own friends. Maybe you could use a lesson in that department."

"You should reconsider. Make an enemy of me and you'll live to regret it," Devon threatened.

"Then we'll have to be enemys. I'd rather eat dirt than be friends with the likes of you." Aruko had said it with a firm edge to indicate that he meant what he said.

Devon had no choice but to walk away. "Fine but you best be watching your back."

After Devon left, Aruko relaxed and gave a slight smile and said to Damien, "One reason why I don't tell anyone but friends what I am is because of ignorant bastards like that. You're a friend therefore you can know me." He grinned to show that he hadn't truly minded the question since he had made up his mind to like the boy and his friend Irene.

He walked to the alien girl and held his hand out, "I'm sorry about that guy. Aruko Blackfern."

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