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Originally Posted by Revan 411 View Post
Dude... I was being sarcastic when I wrote that.
oh sorry, I blame the internet.

I'll admit; in Dragon Age 1, it was executed pretty damn well and helped the game separate itself from other fantasy fictions. But it'd be redundant for the same theme to reappear in the sequel. You said it yourself; BioWare needs to add things to differentiate its titles from one another. Besides, I'd prefer more back-story on the villains (Dark-Spawn, Arch-Demons and whatever main villain BioWare introduces in the sequel) instead of a corrupt politician who hates Jed- I mean Grey Wardens.
Yeah, this is certainly true, I don't want to see the same theme all over again, but assuming we're starting from a rebuilt Grey Warden order in the future, I would think that would make things quite different.

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