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"Besides, it is difficult to ascertain numbers when it is difficult to infiltrate enemy ranks."

Even from where they were Alriana could hear the sounds of battle. She could faintly hear shouts and screams in the air. We must be close to the battle by now, she thought.

"So...what do you propose we do once we reach the battle site? We should come up with some sort of strategy before we rush into the battle."

A sudden, disturbing thought came to mind.

I think that someone remain behind just in case we don't make it back in order to alert the republic of our failure to stop the sith. Then they can send more jedi and more troops to stop them."

She looked back at Garja who was still trying to catch up and smiled slightly before turning to Tavaryn. "And I believe I know the perfect man for the job."

In the air

Lead pilot Hira grinned at he watched the sitting sith ship come into firing range and he opened up a communications line to the other two dropships. "Alright boys and girls. The sith ship will be in firing range in around ten seconds. Remember, open up on it with everything once we're in range. We don't want the sith to escape."

Before the two pilots could acknowledge the sith ship came into firing range and Hira and the others began to open fire on it with everything they had.

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