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Question Is the art of team based games dead?

Hey, so being 21 and looking back on my life (playing video games wise)

I remember the days of tribes and tribes 2 or battlefield 1942. The kinds of games that never had personal achievements and played up the concept of help your fellow team mates and player killing was generally discouraged.. Work together to drive the enemy back.

I'm just wondering has this been lost? I find more and more games that emphasize achievements creating a sense of its all about me not we anymore. I miss the days where I could join a server and actually have people work together to attack the enemy base(tribes 2 katabatic servers, and even Unreal Tournament)

Perhaps this is because a lot of the players now are raised on games that come with several achievements and unlocks that are personal to them or their account and generally have a less emphasis on sharing resources, it seems like its more about points than a good experience
(I don't really play anymore as I'm almost through my 4 year university career and basically stopped playing video games in summer of grade 10)

So what are your thoughts?
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