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Wierd Graphics Issue

OK, only recently got my hands on a copy of JKA, multiplayer works fine and everything, but single player has an issue

SP loads up fine, but when i start a new game, the movie intro cutscene on the ship has no character models, the camera just moves around a deserted ship with voices comming from nowhere, lol (I assume thats not normal)

then once the game starts, there are no models in the first level, I can hear disembodied voices again, but cant see my character, or any others. The cross hair doesnt move with the screen either, i can move my view around, but the cross hair stays in its original position (ie it doesnt stay in the centre of the screen like its sposed to, its like its part of the scenery) movement is... odd, and... gooy (only way i can describe it, lol)

There are no 'trees' for my to 'cut down with my lightsabre to make into a bridge' in fact there isnt even a lightsabre, lol, since im not there either.
as i follow the stream i hear the sound of some creature, but again, no model, nothings there, and then i reach 'the edge of the map' lol, through a small opening in a wall is just the sky, the land just ends, lol.

I'll try and attach some screenies:

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Oh, btw, Im using XP pro, and the 1.01 patch

computer has an AMD Athlon x2 245, 4 GB RAM, and an ATI Radeon HD 4800 series

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