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Trooper Discomfort

Recently it seems that several reporting outlets have gotten their hands on a playable demo of the trooper class.

After reading an interview darth hater had with Jake Neri about the trooper demo I'm kind of perplexed.

And to how the Trooper worked in a group, Jake Neri explained: "We talked a little bit so far about the different paths for classes to go down. But what we showed of the Trooper is that he is pretty much a hybrid, range class a DPS class if you want to use the trinity metaphor there."

"He would support a Knight," he said. "So a Knight would be up in front, using his sword and doing damage, while the Trooper is standing back, laying down cover, and just doing pure DPS.
So the trooper is going to be pure ranged dps...supporting the Knight.

One thing I enjoy about WoW is there are multiple tanking classes and multiple healing classes. Each having some separate advantages and disadvantages. To me I saw the Knight of course being an up close and personal tank. But I also saw the Trooper as a tank. I mean why wear all that armor if you're not going be be a tank?

I saw the trooper have the option to go DPS, but the spec I was interested in was basically a ranged tank spec. Think about it, in modern battlefields if you had some idiot running out in the middle of no man's land waving a sword they'd get pulverized instantly. So why not have a side of the trooper that lays down covering fire, keeping enemies occupied and focused on them? That kind of seems like the modern "tank" of sorts to me. Someone who will keep the enemy's attention away from other more fragile damage dealers.

Instead it sounds like we're going to have some pretty set roles. If you want to tank you have to be a Knight. Seems like it could get boring to me.

That's just my concerns right now anyways. We'll see how things turn out.

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